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You choose the depth of critique that most suits your needs:

As detailed as line-by-line editing
As general as an overall evaluation

     Then, you have the choice of having your work read by one or two professional authors. This provides you with the opportunity to select one of the writers (Marian or Wayne) more specialized in a genre (see BIOS for author's backgrounds) for a slightly lower fee* or to have your work read by two authors for a discounted rate for the second critique.

Either way, your work will be read by a published writer who will give you a detailed response to your work. This response will address structure (plot, organization), tone (style, consistency), and development (character, story, theme), according to your genre.  You'll know what's good about your work, as well as what needs additional attention.  If you choose line-by-line editing, revision and editorial changes will be detailed fully on the pages of your manuscript and addressed generally in the evaluation letters.  You will also receive any specific marketing suggestions we have.

Our responses to you will generally be several pages long. We appreciate the trust you show in us by submitting your work, and we consequently make every attempt to fully justify that trust. We do not have "form" responses, nor do we simply provide one-page summaries.


As we all know from professional reviews and stories of the numbers of rejections famous books received, critiques can be subjective. Sometimes a person's personal bias regarding a style or subject matter can intrude. In order to try to avoid that problem, both Wayne and Marian try to stay away from subjective likes and dislikes in order to focus on plot and characterization and other techniques, as well as on textual inconsistencies or weak language.

Nonetheless, opinions (even of technique) can vary, and an author must always be the final judge of the work; an author should also evaluate every critique as to whether it's offering opinion or concrete discussion of structure and technique, as well as specific advice.

Over the years, Marian and Wayne have provided hundreds of critiques of the same manuscripts (always without conferring beforehand). What we've discovered is that we rarely differ in overall opinion, although often we will focus on different aspects of technique. This means that an author will receive a more rounded evaluation with two critiques, but generally the advice differs little. Many authors felt they benefited from more extensive evaluations; others, especially those more experienced at critiques, believe that they don't need both evaluations. Consequently, we've altered our fee* structure to offer a writer a choice of having one critique at a lower fee.

* Click here for detailed information about fees.

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