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Here are several links we thought you may enjoy.


*Marian Blue has finished judging for the Gulliver's Travel Grant for the Speculative Fiction Organization. Many grants are available to writers each year and are well worth looking into as you work.


Amphora Editions

Coming in October 2017.

Music To My Years: Life and Love Between the Notes
Artie Kane’s memoir as told to Marian Blue and JoAnn Kane

For over fifty years, in radio, on multiple stages, in scores of movie soundtracks, and tête-à-tête performances with the rich and famous, Artie Kane’s music has touched and inspired millions of people. His memoir is the story of a pianist, film composer, and conductor whose credits span the industry and reveal the enduring bond between a gifted musician, his piano, and the people who crowd around it. Music to My Years captures the romantic as well as the rough-hewn and unrelentingly perfectionist sides of the world of professional entertainment.

First edition, hardcover, 369 pgs.
Coming in Fall 2017 – reserve signed copy now!       Amphora Editions




*Associated Writing Programs:  Associated Writing Programs, not just for the academic, offers comprehensive ideas about writing careers, conferences, programs, and contests (including their own prestigious annual contest).


Poets & Writers:  the working writers' connection between the academic and the commercial. Poets & Writers is the resource place for the writer and for those who are seeking information about other writers.


Writer's Digest (School and Magazine):   takes a more commercial approach by offering writers serious marketing information, writing tips, study, books, and more.


•Here are some sites of writers that we've worked with. Their sites are interesting to visit and view because these are writers who work successfully at marketing as well as at writing:


Anjali Banerjee,   an outstanding writer who is the middle of a lot of successful writing and marketing!

Brian Ames:   Brian came to the Whidbey Island Writer's Conference a few years ago, and he has been writing and publishing consistently and well ever since. His Web page and his email are a tribute to excellent marketing.

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