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We do accept electronic submissions (email); however, you will not receive much incidental line-by-line editing (we tend to read hard copy with pen in hand, so even if you aren't requesting copy editing, some just filters through) on manuscripts for which you are requesting a general critique. Also, if you want electronic copy editing or line-by-line editing, you won't have the benefit of seeing the hand corrections on the page, which is something that can be very beneficial for you in your future work; rather, we will simply make corrections within the copy itself.

• Double space all pages.

• Typed standard print please.
• Many editorial problems are consistent throughout; consider submitting 20-30 pages of a novel, then apply the suggestions.
• Line-by-line editing is usually not necessary; try submitting a short piece for critique and ask whether line-by-line is needed.
• Sometimes you may find that Marian and Wayne differ in their opinions of certain details in your piece.  This benefits you - the author - by encouraging you to see more possibilities in your work.
• Please include a cover letter giving us information about you and your work and asking any specific questions you may have.
• Always include an SASE so we can easily and promptly return your work. You should always include an SASE with any correspondence you have with editors, publishers, agents, or writers' services.
• We look forward to putting our expertise to work for you.

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